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Joe Mansour & Grace Akkari

WOW ! Who would have thought that at ages 42 & 51 respectively my beautiful wife Grace and I would ever compete in bodybuilding championships at any level. However with the unbelievable support of Michael Clunne and Anabolic Army, we did just that.
We couldn't have asked for anything more, but Michael gave it. Through his support, sponsorship and leadership, Michael and his unbelievable team of professionals led by Scott Hill, coached us through diets, training plans as well as posing advice, we were able to compete.
Joe Janik brought experience to the table that only one who has competed extensively and has been as successful as Joe can bring helped us reach our goals along with Sung Lay a true Australian Champion Bodybuilder, who will represent Australia proudly at this years World Championships.
We also have to mention the unbelievably supportive Anabolic Army staff, Paige, Allison, Narelle and Justin just to name a few. The unbelievable moral support Michael gave each and every member of Team Anabolic Army at each competition in which we represented Anabolic Army, made us feel part of the Anabolic Army family.
Mick you are a true champion, without your support and that of your team this would have been only a pipe dream for myself and Grace.
We will always be thankful to you and the Anabolic Army family for giving us this new direction and healthy lifestyle.    

Much love

Joe Mansour & Grace Akkari