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Michael Clunne - CEO

I founded Anabolic Army (Formally Muscle Beach and Cut to Threads) back in 1993. Back in the days when gym wear was king and supplements were only just starting to be recognized, and my mother was my administrator :)

There has been many incarnations of my business other the last 20 years, with the introduction of a franchise model, online trading and 3 bricks and mortar stores and Anabolic Army Warehouse, our headquarters at Minto. I over see all aspects of Business and steer our vessel to new frontiers of opportunity with diligence and research. I have a supporting wife Joanne and two adorable children, Cruze and Gigi, and my step children, Ryan, Paige and Jai.

I also have a great team of employee's led by General Manager Narelle Gorman, and my very experienced team of store and warehouse managers. Paige, Joseph, Justin and Brooke, with Jess organizing merchandising and sales craft. I consider myself very fortunate to have a great team and business in a wonderful industry.

On a personal note, I am an ex professional BMX racer, who took up weight training to assist my BMX and ended up becoming a bodybuilder. I trained hardcore for 25 years before settling down to fatherhood, these days I still train, just not as extreme, though I am on a comeback, who knows, maybe another comp in the future, if not, I will focus on prepping my wife Joanne for her comeback. I stay motivated by focusing on business and building careers, and helping customers achieve their goals. That gives me great satisfaction and brings a smile to my face.

Below is a picture when I was competing in 1995.